Roads to Ruins; A book for the road and home

Convenient in size and flexibility, travels well and displays beautifully

The Roads to Ruins book was designed to serve a number of goals. First was to assemble a collection of true warrior castles (see my description under ABOUT) from Germany. Many books have been published to highlight several widely known castles representing countries around the world. That approach, while successful in its own way, fails to convey the enormity of the number of castles in any one nation. Neither does it provide any assistance to travelers seeking to experience castles first hand. The subject of castles is, in many countries, a very substantial attraction. My initial intent was to present a more realistic picture of the presence of so many castles, in this case, in Germany.

When I launched my project I had no idea how extensive the subject was. In my first meeting with the German Castle Association I was advised that the inventory of medieval buildings was roughly 12,000. That number included castles, mansions and palaces, but a verifiable breakdown is, for most purposes, unavailable. A great number of those that originated as warrior castles (constructed with defensive and often offensive capabilities incorporated into their design) were eventually modified as their battle needs diminished and they became more residential in nature. So the second goal was to draw the distinction between the castle (Burg) and other formal type structures we might classify as a palaces or mansions. (Schloss).

My third goal was to create a book that was as useful as it would be attractive. Every castle displayed in Roads to Ruins includes the nearest community as well as the GPS location. With this information any visitor with a vehicle under their control can plug the number into a navigator and arrive at the exact location.
Roads to Ruins also was designed to serve as a beautiful coffee table publication and as a guide to carry along on castle-hunting excursions.

It also boasts:

• High quality material in both the internal pages and the unique flexible cover style.
• Full color throughout the 184 pages.
• All content and design are new and original to this book and produced by the author. Included are 359 photographs, maps and illustrations of 195 locations.
• The book contains a brief, easy reading history of the development of the German nation and the castles that played a critical part in that history.
• A complete list of all the castles in the book along with their GPS locator.

Originally priced at $42.00 with taxes and shipping, I have now lowered the price to $29.00. When ordered through this website the book will be shipped directly by me with great care. Please note: Due to the excessively high shipping costs orders outside the continental U.S. cannot be fulfilled except to military postal addresses. WE CANNOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.


Roads to Ruins

The featured castle is drawn from the book, Roads to Ruins

coat of arms- Baden Wurttemburg, Germany


State Coat of Arms: Baden Wurttemburg
City: Wertheim
Castle: Wertheim
GPS: 49°45’32.39”N  9°31’11.15”E

Wertheim Castle

wertheim Castle in Wertheim, GermanyBuilt from the close of the 11th century and expanded and repaired by the Count from Wertheim, the name of the castle was adopted by the count as his dynastic name as of 1132. The castle sits at the confluence of the Main and the Tauber rivers. Count Ludwig of Stolberg Königstein-Rochefort assumed the countship with the death of the last of the Wertheim family in 1556. The castle was destroyed in 1634 by imperial forces.With a good road atlas

The castle is now owned by the city of the same Wertheim Castle above the city of Wertheim Germany name and has become a popular attraction with tourists. Preservation of numerous medieval era structures and cultural events make the trip to Wertheim Castle, one of the largest castle ruins in Germany, a must.

With a good travel atlas in hand you will easily locate numerous other castles and ruins within a short drive, including Henneburg at Stadtprozelten (W) and Hornberg (NE) (also in the book.) Also in the book, along with the index of castles, is the GPS of each castle to aid in your travels


Photo of the book Roads to Ruins